About Us


Desire to Do Good and Be Creative!


I never in a million years thought that this is how I would make a living when I was working a corporate job in 2010. But something beautiful happened, and here I am. I woke up one morning, unhappy, again, and decided to make a change. I decided to quit my job and travel the world! Thailand was one of the first places I stopped and I instantly fell in love. In love with the people, the food, the culture, the happiness that shines through so many that have so little, and the beautiful fabrics that came from the indigenous people of this country. While continuing my travels for the next 12 months a yearning to return to Thailand grew in me, and so did my desire to share this beauty with my friends and family who had never experienced it. By the end of 2011 I returned to Thailand, started "High Thai", and made my first piece of clothing that incorporated one of my dear friends, hand-sewn, traditional Thai fabric. Since this first trip I have been back to Thailand many times, and now live there during our slow seasons so I can spend my time creating in one of the most inspiring places on earth!

My Mission is to share the thrill and excitement of entering the Thai culture for the first time with all of our customers. This philosophy was employed as I personally hand selected each and every hand woven tribal fabric that I then incorporate into my own original designs. My handmade items adhere to Fair Trade principles, I deal with the family and village based groups that produce these items, this ensures that the wealth generated by the labor involved goes directly to the people who create them. Northern Thailand does not suffer from the factories and sweatshops that are prevalent in Bangkok and other Asian centers, I am proud to be a part of this cottage based industry, and to support the artists who create these beautiful pieces of fabric. Through these purchasing techniques, I am able to perpetuate the artist’s ability to continue producing these inspiring fabrics that allow me to create such a unique brand.