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Tribal Sacred Line Hemp Pants Brown

These pants are made from 100% hemp to be the most comfortable and durable that you've ever had.  They are the only one of their kind, extremely soft to the touch, eco-friendly, and made from highest quality hemp we've ever seen, so you can look good and also feel good about it! They have three pockets, one on each side and one in the back.  The vibrant tribal fabrics come from the Black Hmong hill tribe in the Lao Chai village of northern Vietnam

The hand woven fabrics of the these pants were purchased directly from the women artisans who weave them.  By using these purchasing methods we are able to not only find the most beautiful fabrics, but also support the hill tribes in keeping their culture and supporting themselves through their traditional art. The pants were made with love and each piece of fabric has an amazing story and huge amount of culture and heritage woven into them.  The patterns you see in the cross stitching each tell a story and symbolize love, luck and fortune.

Elevate your sense of being and connect with the sacred history that lies in each and every one of us.  Let us support the ancient history of our species and cherish the few remaining tribes who have held their wisdom and culture through the test of time.   


One Size Fits Almost All

Waist 28-46in

Length 38.5in

 Inseam 20in